Business Partnerships

We invite likeminded professionals / Investors to partner us in our various forthcoming initiatives. Partnerships are invited under Lease arrangements, Joint Venture, Franchise arrangements and Investment arrangements. As we intend to open a chain of Institutions, excellent Investment opportunities exist with us.

Lease Arrangements

We invite developers, land owners to develop their land and lease it to us on a long term basis – 30 years. Land size depends upon the city in which the school is targeted. Usually, the land size ranges from 0.5 acres to 12 acres. Minimum constructed area required by us is 50,000 sq.fts.

We also invite lease proposals with a buy back option after 9 years.

Joint Venture / Deemed Franchise / Revenue Sharing Arrangements

Land owners and Developers may also associate with us under a JV / Revenue sharing arrangement.
Franchise Arrangements

Existing schools, Entrepreneurs interested in running education ventures may open a branch of WITTY International School in their locality under a Franchise arrangement. Our team headed by Dr. Vinay Jain would assist you in setting up of the school as per our parameters.

We will provide you with complete facility planning and design services through our team of experts. Tailoring master plans to the specific needs of each client or partner, our Team builds world class schools. We would then provide you with the complete know how, affiliation process, recruitments, brand support, management softwares, systems and policies, HR support, curriculum, trainings, Quality Audits, Inspections and much more and will ensure that the school settles and achieves a respectable name in a span of 4-5 years.

Investment Opportunities

We invite investments into our Company via Deposits, issue of secured Non Convertible Debentures (NCD’s) on very attractive terms. For details call on 98202 93905.