Education Quality Audits

Education Quality Audit is a system where a check is run through the entire system to ascertain the validity & authenticity of – norms of the Institution, Philosophy of the Institution & the Input given to the stake holders of the Institute vis – a – vis parent & children. We undertake education quality audits for Institutions on a retainership / assignment basis.

These Quality Audits help Institutes identify their weaknesses and areas having scope of Improvement and also helps them in creating a balance in anticipated & actual performance. The EQA reports bridge the gaps between the vision of the management – Principal & team members in the Institute.

A team of qualified personnel including a team of Professionals, Principals, and trainers from the field of education with an experience of successfully running a chain of schools are deployed to conduct the audit. The objectives of the school are identified & customized parameters for the audit are finalised. Periodic audits will then be conducted throughout the year. After each Inspection, a detailed audit report is dispatched. Institutions are motivated to correct flaws and implement the suggestions offered by the Inspection Team. Suggestions are sought form the concerned organization with regards to any specific area that needs to be audited.