Inclusive Education Practices

Training for Inclusive Education Practices in school.

“They may not remember what you taught them, 
But they will always remember 
the way you made them feel.” 

VJTF EDUSERVICES LIMITED recognizes that in the process of change, the world is rapidly moving towards higher levels of social evolution. The strongest means of doing this is through the Institution of Education. Realizing that all schools have a massive impact in building up levels of tolerance and democracy amongst their students, our company promotes the philosophy and practices of Inclusive Education. We at our own schools already have begun by following the practice of “Full Inclusion” We ensure that our regular education teachers are trained in the procedures for inclusive education. We believe that every student at some time or another will have needs. Some needs are more significant than the others. These needs come in the form of academic, behavioural, language, thinking, social and emotional. 

We advocate the welfare of all our learners and promote such philosophies with our clients as well. The services that we undertake in order to make a philosophy a reality are:

Setting up of resource rooms Training of staff in management of differential needs of learners Psychological and educational testing Diagnostic services Remedial education Adaptive curriculum design Adapted learning material Counseling services for parents and students Parental training programs Community out reach program Networking with other related service delivery systems