Training Programs

“I never teach my pupils, I merely attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”

VJTF EDUSERVICES LIMITED endorses the fact that without highly skilled and knowledgeable staff any education will be unable to meet the ever-changing expectations of society and more so our clients. 

Our parents entrust us with their precious little ones in the faith that one day they will grow up in an environment in which they will have the skills to deal with all the challenges they face. But youth can only be so empowered if the adults in their ecosystem own the knowledge and skills to bring them up efficiently.

In keeping with this belief VJTF EDUSERVICES LIMITED conducts training programs for parents , teachers and concerned society in several areas. Our training programs have the reputation to be extremely interactive and focused. They are demanded not only in several metros in our country but also have reached little districts and rural regions. Our team of talented and dynamic professionals reaches out to populations in different languages, having different requirements. But the key focus for all is the ultimate welfare of our children. 

We also train students in life skills and those that are required for efficient learning. Our training programs are designed to suit client needs in terms of budget, time, space etc. We have hundreds of training modules to cater to the overall requirement of the education industry.